Further Resources

Flex on del.icio.us

CFlex: Community Flex

FlexCursion.nin.com Social networking, “Meet fellow Flex 2 developers, check out some screen shots of other Flex 2 apps, get feedback on your Flex 2 projects and much more.”

Flex Online Compiler – “The Flex Online Compiler allows you to experience Flex 2 for yourself, without needing to download or install anything. Of course, you really should download Flex Builder 2 to truly get a feel for Flex, but until you do so, you may use The Flex Online Compiler to compile and run MXML and ActionScript code.”


Flex lessons @ tutorom.com

flexapacseminars – Getting on the Flex Highway – How to get up to speed with Flex – This is a non Technical Session which will enable newbies to Flex to get up to speed with the technology and links to finding info about Flex

Screencasts / VideoTraining

FlashUserGroup.org – Recorded Breeze Meetings

Flash Extensions – provide training, products and community forums for Flash and Flex. We provide training surrounding the Adobe Flash Platform (Flash and Flex). We also provide products to make development easier and fun! Below are sections to get you started.


FlexApps gallery on Flickr


Flex 2 @ actionscript.org

Flex Coders @ Yahoo Groups




flex notes

Polygeek, flex tutorial

Oliver Merk's Blog – A personal collection of Flex, Apollo and ColdFusion Goodness


Eric Cancil

MossyBlog.com on Flex

Quietly Scheming – home of flexbook

Sean A Corfield - An Architect's View

Anand Verdhan :: flex developer – Blog on RIA,Technology,Flex 3,Flash,Apollo,Ajax,web 2.0, usability,e-learning,consultancy and much more…




BHAViN K. PADHiYAR (Flex is the Future)

Eric Feminella – Adobe Flex and Apollo Solutions Architect (RIA)

flexion – ActionScript 3, Flash, Flex Reflections

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