This gallery exists as a support to murgaLua users. To run the lua files listed there, download the murgalua binary for your system (download here link at the top of that page, then uncompress the archive, then get the Linux / MacOS-Intel / Windows binary from the bin folder). Alternatively, you can use custom made players and launchers provided by widged (to be improved on).

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Bezier Anim
Animation along a Bezier Line

By: Marielle Lange
Button State
Detects the state (up or down) of a button

By: Marielle Lange
Clock Demo
Shows the clock widget in a transparent box, in front of a png picture. Note that the demo auto-exits after 500 milliseconds.

The clock frame comes from the Industrial Skin ( It is provided here for the purpose of the demo, exclusively and shouldn't be redistributed without the artist's consent.

By: Marielle Lange
Color Map Test
Displays the color map on the press of a button.

By: Mikshaw
Drag and Drop in MurgaLua
2007-06-02 -- modified the code to allow for the creation of an unlimited number of draggable squares.

By: Marielle Lange (with contributions by Bill Griffin and Mikshaw)
Event Detection
Gives direct feedback on the events taking place on the main window. Note that the demo auto-exits after 5 seconds.

By: Marielle Lange
Group Visibility
Clicking on the visible button will show and hide the green group.

By: Marielle Lange
Icon Display Test
Populates the list on the left with all png files found in a folder. When one of the images in the list is being clicked the image is shown in the frame on the right.

By: Mikshaw
Photo Gallery
Simplistic Photo Gallery. Click on a thumbnail and the photo will be shown.
Adapted from the "icon display" demo by Mikshaw

By: Marielle Lange
Step 1
Simple example provided on the murgaLua Pages

By: John Murga